Episode 20

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23rd Dec 2021

Let’s Go to Curacao

In this episode, the Two Tom’s are talking to Chandra Smouse who is the Manager of the Curacao Tourist Board. She is committed to getting the word out about this beautiful island destination. Chandra shares the history, heritage and culture of this Dutch Caribbean island. Curacao is more than the beach; it has a diverse set of activities you can do while staying there and Chandra will give us a glimpse of what those activities are. You’ll feel the warmth and excitement in this episode as Chandra takes us to the island of Curacao. 

Episode Highlights

  • The US is moving towards developing an online passport renewal process. It will allow us to speed up the process, lower the cost and eliminate having to give up your passport. 
  • The Island of Curacao is in the Dutch Caribbean which is the southern part of the Caribbean. 
  • The Island has over 55 different nationalities and the tourists used to be Europeans but has now evolved to different nationalities. 
  • You can experience the whole island vibe if you opt to go out of your hotel and experience the authentic food in the streets. 
  • Authentic experience is what’s been generating the most interest for traveling. 
  • It does not rain very much in Curacao, only between 12-22 inches per year so it is a dry island. 
  • They have a lot of different Cacti which they make a soup out of. 
  • The drinking water in Curacao is Desalinated Seawater which is very clean and one of the freshest and purest drinks. 
  • The whole island has 35 beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. 

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