Episode 19

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18th Nov 2021

Island Vibes: Let’s Go to Jamaica

In this episode, the Two Toms are talking to Christopher Dobson who is the District Sales Manager of Jamaica Tourist Board. He will be sharing his expertise when it comes to the beautiful country of Jamaica. The topic revolves around the different destinations and things you can do while on vacation in this amazing country. Jamaica offers a lot of island vibes and it is a popular vacation destination for a lot of people. Christopher will give us firsthand knowledge on what’s going on in Jamaica right now. This episode will definitely give you warmth and will make you excited on your next vacation. 

Episode Highlights

  • One restaurant in Montego Bay called Pelican is highly recommended from its good Jamaican food and ambiance. It has an open-air seating with a man-made waterfall in the background. 
  • A really cool bar from the South Coast called Pelican Bar is located in the middle of the ocean. 
  • Montego Bay is one of the two international airports which is mostly used for visitors. The majority of hotels in Jamaica are along the North Coast. 
  • Kingston, which is the capital city of Jamaica, is where the other international airport is located. It is mostly used by urban travelers. 
  • Kingston became a genuine international destination for people who are engaged in cultural experience. A number of hotels opened up in this area such as Marriott Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Jamaica Pegasus and many more. 
  • In terms of the travel protocols, Jamaica doesn’t have a vaccine mandate to enter the country. However, a testing requirement is needed before you can enter Jamaica. Within 72 hours of your flight, you need to take an Antigen Test or PCR Test and must test negative. You also have to fill out a Travel Authorization to enter the country. 
  • If you want to experience a VIP treatment once you’ve entered the country of Jamaica and before you leave, then you must purchase what they call Club Mobay. It will give you a VIP experience moments after stepping out of the plane or after your airline check-in when departing the island. 

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