Episode 2

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30th Jul 2020

Travel Is Opening With Michelle Payette

On this episode Toms are talking to their very first guest on 2TTT Michelle Payette, Playa Resorts Business Development Manager, about Mexico and Caribbeans opening for business. As of July 1st, Playa Resorts have opened their doors for tourists on 8 of their destinations following by 10 more shortly after. In the rest of the episode, Toms are talking about current situation with the pandemic and how it relates to tourism and traveling. They mention the interest for traveling is developing which means things are slowly returning to what we’ve used to call normal. Also, you’ll learn how a stereotypical American tourist looks like.

Episode Highlights

01:25 - Mexico and Caribbean are open for business since July 1st 2020

04:15 - EU opens the borders on July 1st 2020, but not yet for American tourists. British Isles and Island are still open for American Tourists

10:30 - If you’re a “foodie”, Playa Resorts might be your top pick. They have something for everybody and cuisines from all around the world

17:00 - Toms recommend taking a travel insurance - cancelling for any reason. People who don’t have an insurance have a lot to lose

25:55 - Thought of the day: Be a good guest, be respectful. Don’t be the person that portrays a negative image. There are so many beautiful things out there and even if you have to go through a situation you’re uncomfortable with, you’re going to be a better person by the end of that experience.

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