Episode 7

Published on:

15th Oct 2020

Lucky Number Seven

On this episode Toms talk about safety-wise updates, updates regarding the airports and on the travel industry in general.

The Who’s Flying This Plane Guest is an actual pilot, First Officer Scott who has 20 years of flying experience. They discuss the current situation in the airline industry and Scott shares some funny job situations he found himself in.

Listen to this fun and informative episode to find out more about the current situation in the travel industry.

Did you know?: Alaska is the only state where all the letters in the name of the state are in the same row on the keyboard

Episode Highlights

02:30 - Toms’ recommendation - Alaska, a beautiful domestic state worth visiting.

06:00 - CDC extended cruise ban until the end of October

15:28 - Travel agents are offering cancel for any reason option which is worth considering in situations like pandemic

16:49 - Jamaica is instituting the in-destination insurance as of November 1st

41:15 - Airline industry is in the crisis from the economical perspective

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