Episode 4

Published on:

13th Aug 2020

Mexico Episode

On this episode Toms are podcasting from Cancun, Mexico. While they’re enjoying their very first trip since the pandemic, they’re also doing a research so they can provide our listeners with some useful tips. Since this is a special episode, there are two guests on the episode. The first guest is Kevin Froemming, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Playa Hotels & Resorts, who is also former boss of both Toms. In the second part of the show Toms talk to Monica Karnes, Tom Karnes’ wife, partner and owner at LaMacchia Travel Agency. It’s a fun episode with plenty of first-hand experiences on traveling since the pandemic and updates in the industry.

Episode Highlights

07:40 - If you’re interested in luxurious all inclusive packages in oceanfront resorts in the Caribbean, Jamaica and Mexico, Playa Hotels & Resorts should be your first pick: https://www.playaresorts.com

13:40 - Playa Resorts have been working hard for the last three months to provide the same excellent experience with phenomenal pricing for consumers

16:50 - Concept of home office at the beach

25:20 - First-hand vacation experiences from Cancun, Mexico

27:20 - Masks are mandatory outside the resort. You can enjoy the resort as you normally would.

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